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With the popularity of shows like American Idol and The Voice the Superior Review has found that the overall interest in learning to sing

Superior Singing Method Review

Superior Singing Method Review -A Complete Vocal Training Course

has never been stronger.  There are many aspiring artists who need help learning to sing with the very basics and others who need more advanced training in breath control, vocal quality and improved ranges. These popular TV shows may have put the dream of a recording contract out there for millions of aspiring performers.  However, the Superior Review believe that learning to sing or learning to improve your vocal ability can be rewarding for many other reasons as well.

There are many jobs that can be rewarding for those with a good voice that don’t require a multi-million dollar recording contract. Many people just like singing for fun, others are in a local band or lead a church choir. Still others want to learn to sing better to get better parts in local theater productions or even school plays.

Whatever your specific reasons may be, the Superior Review believes it is a noble goal to improve your voice. There are a variety of ways you can go about this but it is a good idea to seek well-qualified and proven instruction.

 Superior Singing Method Review – What It’s About

Aaron Anastasi is the brains behind the Superior Singing Method.  He has been a vocal coach for thousands of people all around the world. The impressive thing about Aaron’s Superior Singing Method is that he has helped everyone from complete newbies to accomplished singers to improve their singing voices. This review of his superior system takes a look at how he does this.

In this review we found that, Aaron’s Superior Singing Method starts with the premise that everyone can improve their singing because your “sound” comes from vocal cords that are made of cartilage and tissue just like other muscles in your body. So these muscles can be strengthened just like any other muscle in your body. Aaron’s Superior Singing Method teaches that the right muscle training can improve a variety of singing elements including:

  • Pitch
  • Tone
  • Vocal Power
  • Control
  • Resonance
  • Agility
  • Range

This review also fond that the  Superior Singing Method emphasizes the importance of things like Agility, Resonance and the Mix Voice.  The course consists of several easy to understand components and some highly effective superior exercises.

The Superior Singing Method  exercises are not the typical run of the mill exercises. They are actually superior because they are  specifically designed to help exercise your vocal cords like a muscle. In addition these superior exercises are designed to help with a specific aspect of your singing like Agility, Resonance and Mix Voice.

This review likes that the Superior Singing Method is a step by step course that tells you to do this and learn this before you go onto the next step. Everything is laid out sequentially.

Here is the review of the Superior Singing Method course outline:

Step 1- Retrain your voice and improve tone, vocal agility and vocal strength. This Superior Singing Method step also introduces the 5-20-80 principle that teaches you to avoid straining as you sing.

Step 2- Develop your singing  by focusing on the best performance habits to give you optimum singing performance. In this Superior Singing Method step you will address vocal problems like pitch, shakiness and high notes etc.

Step 3-This part of the Superior Singing Method contains video and audio exercises to work on your tone. The emphasis here is on how to properly use your resonators.

Step 4- The Superior Singing Method will give you superior techniques to make sure that you are always on pitch. Even if you don’t feel like you are born with natural pitch the Superior Singing Method shows you how to pitch can be developed. This was a favorite section of this review.

Step 5- The Superior Review found that Resonance and Power are the key focus of this section of the Superior Singing Method.

Step 6-This is where the Superior Singing Method shows you how to develop that all important Mix Voice and improve your range. You will be hitting higher notes with ease and without strain.

Step 7- Vocal agility or learning to jump from one note to the next with ease and fluidity are the focus in this part of the Superior Singing Method.

Step 8-This final part of the Superior Singing Method is all about making your voice to a superior level with advanced techniques.

 Superior Singing Method Review – What We Like

Our review found the favorite thing about the Superior Singing Method to be the part that focuses on the Mix Voice.  The idea of resonators and how to use them together was completely new and had the biggest impact on our singing abilities.  It actually changed our  quality and range simultaneously, which was completely unexpected and superior to what we had before. People were asking things like who have you seen, who is your coach? The quality and timbre of singing sound is so much better and richer than ever before despite the hours and dollars spent on private lessons.  The Mix Voice portion alone is a superior technique that made the Superior Singing Method more than worth the investment.

 Superior Singing Method Review – What We Didn’t Like

Every part of the course is very beneficial and well laid out. However, perhaps part of the nature of being musical is that we are not the most regimented people. So doing things in a specific order and following a specific plan in order is not necessarily my strength. That would be the one thing that was a drawback. However, having been through the course it all makes sense now. You do have to get control over certain areas  before you move on to the next thing.  If you can follow directions and stick with a plan then this should be no problem for you.

Superior Singing Method Review – Overall Thoughts

The Superior Review has seen a lot of singing courses online. However, none of them really live up to the hype. This is the only what we would call complete coaching course we have seen. We can see why the Superior Singing Method is getting superior results for their students. The money back guarantee is a deal clincher for us.  You have nothing to lose and a much better singing voice to gain. So we would recommend trying the Superior Singing Method.

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Superior Singing Method Review

Superior Singing Method Review






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How To Train Your Voice To Sing In Tune

If you enjoy singing, it’s critical to learn how to train your voice to sing in tune.  Being able to hit the right notes is an extremely important part of singing.  If you have trouble singing in tune, you might lack the confidence to sing with others or by yourself.  However, learning to control your pitch is not an impossible task, even if it’s currently difficult for you to do.

How To Train Your Voice To Sing In Tune – Sharp or Flat?

In order to figure out how to train your voice to sing in tune, you must first understand the reasons you might be making the wrong sounds.  First, you should identify whether you have a tendency to

How To Train Your Voice- Listen

How To Train Your Voice- Listen

always produce notes that are either sharp (too high) or flat (too low), or whether your off-key sounds are a mix of sharps and flats.  The easiest way to do this is to pick a song that you know well, and record yourself singing along.  As you listen to the recording, try to identify the differences between your voice and that of the original singer.  This is a simple but effective way to learn how to train your voice to sing in tune.

How To Train Your Voice To Sing In Tune – Relax Your Voice

If you find that your voice is generally sharp, you might be straining too hard when you sing.  The tone produced during singing is created by vibrations in the vocal chords – membranes that stretch across the larynx.   You can feel these vibrations if you put your fingers to your throat while speaking or singing.  The higher a pitch, the faster the vocal chords vibrate.  A tense throat and tight muscles can tighten the vocal chords, shortening them and making them vibrate more quickly.  Drinking warm liquids can help to relax the muscles in your throat when you practice your voice.  Relaxed vocal chords is an important step in learning how to train your voice to sing in tune.

How To Train Your Voice To Sing In Tune – Train Your Ear

In truth, the majority of people who have difficulty singing in tune are not incapable of producing the proper sounds; they are simply not paying enough attention to the sounds they make.  Training your ear to understand the differences and similarities between your voice and the desired key is crucial to understanding how to train your voice to sing in tune.  One method you can use for ear-training is to sing one note at a time, in combination with playing the note on an instrument like a piano.  As you play the note, sing along with it until you can hear your voice matching the instrument’s sound. Place one hand to your throat and feel the vibrations of your larynx while you are making that particular sound, and try to become familiar with the feeling of those vibrations.  When you feel more confident about singing that note, try singing before playing the note on the instrument, to see if your sound still matches.  The most important thing you can do to learn how to train your voice to sing in tune is to keep practicing and listening to yourself.

If you are looking for more information about how to train your voice to sing in tune  we can recommend the Superior Singing Method.  You can take a look at our Superior Singing Method Review by reading this article.




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