A Testimonial: Why I Began To Learn Piano Online

From time to time we get emails from our online visitors about their own personal experiences trying to learn piano online.  The story below comes from one of those people and could be a source of inspiration for anyone considering trying to learn piano online.

In my university years I studied abnormal psychology and I spent much time pouring over psychology textbooks learning about a human’s developmental cycle. I learned about how our bodies and brains change. I learned what is normal and what is abnormal. I discovered how society plays a role in what areas of life. I learned a lot of things, but what I was never taught is how people actually deal with these changes. How humans cope with the different changes they go through. We never went over what choices are made and the long-term effects.

I am no longer a child and I have changed careers several times. Today I am a music journalist figuring out how to learn piano online after spending ten

Learn Piano Online

You Can Learn Piano Online At Any Age

years in the mental health field. How did that happen? Not entirely sure. However, what I do know is that I somehow found myself playing the piano again after twenty years and finding it rather difficult. So trying to learn piano online seemed like a good idea.

I reached my Grade 4 in piano when I was 8-years-old, something I am rather proud of. However, when I left Junior High I stopped playing. I continued dancing but I stopped attending piano lessons. I still fiddled around on the massive piano we had at home, but I just wasn’t into it anymore. I suppose I was just trying to fit in at school and playing piano was another geeky aspect I just didn’t want.

Now I am back into music and am happy with my career change. I have begun playing music again and even composing small things. Friends have asked me to play drums and sing lead vocals in a band even though I hate my voice. I think it’s because it’s more speaking than actually Mo-Town singing. However, I felt that I needed some help getting back into piano so I sought out a teacher instead of trying to learn piano online.

I remember my first lesson, it was nerve-wrecking. I had forgotten almost everything I knew about reading music and positioning. It all came back to me but I needed some prompting. While I enjoyed the lesson I was rather embarrassed that I had someone younger than me telling me what to do. I went home afterwards and began considering if spending my evenings on that was really worthwhile?

I decided to seek out alternative options of trying to learn piano online or at least on my own. I just wasn’t comfortable having someone younger than me pointing out my mistakes. I came across various options including books, e-books and learn piano online courses. I’m not an internet junkie like my best friend so I hadn’t even thought about learn piano online courses before settling for the teacher considerably younger than me.

I’m now alternating between a learn piano online course and a book I bought at my local music store. I didn’t think I’d ever I’d learn piano online, it just seemed a rather laughable concept. I enjoy using the book as I can take it along to friends’ houses and show off with the pieces at the back. My friends are quite astounded at my progression in piano over the last few weeks. Who knows maybe I’ll be playing some piano solos in the band soon. All because I chose to learn piano online.

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