Best Ways To Train Your Voice

When you have a love for singing, it is easy to become unhappy with the way your voice sounds.  But what can you do to train your voice?  While there are many things to do, it is always best to start with the basics and move up from there to train your voice properly.

Train Your Voice To Be A Singer

Train Your Voice To Be A Singer

When attempting to train your voice it is important to have a piano or some other pitch creating machine to help you stay on key.  Also, remember that singing is a gift and you should not force yourself to work too hard or too fast.

Train Your Voice With Scale Work

The first way to start to train your voice is to practice singing your scales.  While singing your solfege (Do, re, mi etc) go up the scale.  Sometimes it is helpful to play the scale on piano as you sing to better help you dial in the proper pitch.

Once you reach the top of your scale, descend the scale.  When descending, be sure to sing your solfege backwards.  Doing this helps you train your voice by focusing on creating a pure sound as you sing a simple melody.

Train Your Voice To Sing Legato And Staccato

Once your scale sounds wonderful, continue to train your voice by moving on to words.  The words can be preset or make your own.  The point of adding words however, is to sing up the scale, using words but making them smooth instead of choppy.  When the words flow smoothly, this is known as legato and can be very calming.

Opposite of calming and smooth is staccato.  To practice staccato, you will replace the words in your scale with “ha.”  By using a harsh “h” sound, you are forcing your diaphragm to do more work.  Train your voice by forcing your diaphragm to push out air with each sound.

Train Your Voice-Use Your Diaphragm Properly

To be certain you are doing this correctly, place your hand on your upper stomach, just beneath the rib cage.  Each note you should be able to feel a slight bounce in your diaphragm.  If you are feeling this, you are doing the exercise correctly.

The next step to train your voice should be to combine your harsh staccato with your smooth legato.  One of the best ways to do that is to say “zi ya” instead of “do re mi fa etc.”  To achieve this, you must truly focus on your mouth.  Do not open your mouth too wide, instead focus on creating the sound with subtle movements.

To say “zi” simply try keeping your jaw relaxed and when transitioning to “ya” it is best to elongate your mouth.  By elongating the shape of your mouth rather than simply opening your mouth wide, it creates a full, round sound.

Important things to remember when trying to strengthen or train your voice is to not strain your voice.  If you wish to sound louder or more powerful do not scream!  Instead focus more on the exercises which train your voice to use your diaphragm. This allows you to project your voice rather than force your voice out.

Using these exercises to train your voice should help you to hone in on your abilities and focus on the proper sounds of your voice.  By focusing on the proper muscles as you sing you should create fuller, more round sounds.

For more information on the best ways to train your voice we recommend the Superior Singing Method.  Here is our Superior Singing Method Review.

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