Can You Teach Yourself To Sing?

We’ve all grown up dreaming about being able to sing like Celine Dion, or some other famous singer.  Most of us have never thought that it was a realistic goal.  While you may never sound exactly like those stars you idolize, you can teach yourself to sing.  Sure, there is always the option of professional coaching.  However the question is: Can you teach yourself to sing?

The answer “Can you teach yourself to sing?” is simply, yes!  You can teach yourself to sing.  There are many simple tricks that you can use to improve the overall quality of your voice. We will provide a few ways you can teach yourself to sing here and invite you to investigate what else you can do to teach yourself to sing and develop your overall talent for singing.

Teach Yourself To Sing- Open Wide

One of the mistakes that people make when talking is also a common mistake they make while singing.  They fail to open their mouths!  Yes, as hard as it is to believe it’s true.  When you mumble you cannot form your words correctly.  This means that the audience that you are singing to will not be able to understand your vocals.  To teach yourself to sing you should begin by focusing on fully opening your mouth.  Most of you will see improvements just by doing this one simple thing.

Teach Yourself To Sing- Breathe

Teach Yourself To Sing By Learning To Breathe Properly

Teach Yourself To Sing By Learning To Breathe Properly

The next big thing you need to teach yourself to sing is good breathing technique.  To teach yourself to sing correctly, you need to make sure that you are breathing from your diaphragm.  To determine if you are breathing through your diaphragm, look down as you sing.  Your stomach should be rising and falling rather than your chest.  Breathing correctly is what enables singers like Celine Dion to hit those notes that seem unreachable to us, and to hold them for an extended time.

The next thing to do to teach yourself to sing is to start singing!  Pick out some of your favorite songs and pay attention to hitting all the notes while you sing along.  This will help you to determine if the songs are in your range.  None of the notes should feel too high or too low.

Teach Yourself To Sing-Practice

There is no escaping practicing.  Once you have found songs in your range, teach yourself to sing by practicing them a lot.  Sing while you drive to work.  Sing in the shower.  You can sing almost anywhere, so do it!  Sing along with the song playing in the background.  Once you feel that you are doing a good job hitting the notes, record yourself.  Teach yourself to sing by listening to yourself. Are you staying on key?  Are you singing at the right volume?  Are you able to understand your vocals?  Keep practicing and make corrections for any mistakes that you notice.

Teach Yourself To Sing- Join A Group

Finally, you can also teach yourself to sing by joining a choir.  This gives you the opportunity to strengthen and develop your vocals by singing a variety of musical styles.  You can hear how you sound next to other people.  Ask some of your peers to listen and provide constructive feedback.

Teach yourself to sing and don’t be intimidated.  It can be fun and exciting, especially as you start to recognize the improvements that you are making.  So, can you teach yourself to sing?  The answer to that question is definitely a resounding: YES!

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