How To Teach Yourself To Sing

Learning to teach yourself to sing is probably not as difficult as you might think. The first thing that you will have to do is to convince yourself that you CAN teach yourself to sing. The truth is, if you can talk you can teach yourself to sing.

Teach Yourself To Sing With Scale Work

You Can Teach Yourself To Sing

You Can Teach Yourself To Sing

OK, now that you are convinced, teach yourself to sing with the basics. Using the la note as in do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do, sing the lowest note you can possibly sing. Now, using the same technique, sing the very highest note you can sing. You have just established your singing range. Start with the low note and sing do, re mi all the way up the scale. Stand up straight, chin up take a deep breath and begin.

Notch it up a half note on the scale each time, and try and hit the correct notes. If you have little trouble hearing the note just right before you sing it, you have the ability to become a relatively good singer. You are learning to teach yourself to sing.

Teach Yourself To Sing With Your Favorite Songs

Next pick out a song that you know and like. Sing as much as you know of it and attempt to sing it the best way that you can. Try holding the end of the note a little longer to give emphasis to it. Breathe deeply, begin.

Now teach yourself to sing by going to You Tube and picking an artist that you particularly like. Listen to how they sing. You will notice that a recording artist has a particular style. Depending on the genre of the music, you will immediately see differences in presentation and style. Do not count rap, or heavy metal, as that is not really singing in the traditional sense. You need to listen to actual lyrical singing. Then you can incorporate the other styles if that is the direction you want to go in.

Ask yourself why you like certain artists and maybe other artists, not so much. It is all a matter of taste, after all. Teach yourself to sing by finding a song on YouTube that you like and sing along with it. Don’t try and be the artist, try and be yourself. Attempt to keep up, but sing along as much as you can for 5 times in a row. You are learning to teach yourself to sing.

Do you see how you are falling into a pattern, and a rhythm by singing along with the artist? The lesson here is that the more you sing the more confident and stronger you will become as a singer.

Turn off the YouTube and choose a song that you know. It could be Mary had a little lamb or anything. Just choose a song. Begin practicing to sing it. Sing the song through again and again until you know it pretty well. By now you should be gaining enough confidence where you can sing a whole song without stopping.

Teach Yourself To Sing-Find Your Natural Voice

Just sing in a natural voice, without worrying how you sound. The more natural you are with your singing voice, the better you will eventually be. Singing is all about voice control. A good singer will always be able to take his or her voice wherever it needs to go within range. Practice is what makes that happen.

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