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Jamorama Review

Jamorama Review Says Anyone Can Learn To Play Guitar With The Right Instruction

Learning to play any instrument can be incredibly rewarding.  But there is something particularly rewarding about learning to play the guitar. Maybe it is because the guitar is one of the few instruments you can really sing along with, it actually makes you want to sing along and it is portable.  You can take a guitar with you just about anywhere and create your own music. Of course electric guitar and rock fans may have it a little harder than acoustic guitar fans. But even hardcore rockers appreciate the simplicity of acoustic guitar and occasionally play unplugged.

In either case it is no surprise that more and more people are taking up the very affordable guitar every day. It is a great instrument to learn to play because there are so many diverse styles.  In addition, if you are an aspiring singer-song writer or just like to sing along with music the guitar is a great companion.

Finally, with the right instruction the guitar is not that hard to learn to play.  As a result, a number of online course have sprung up to help you learn to play guitar.  You will want to pick a credible guitar-training course that has a proven track record.

Jamorama Review – What It’s About

Jamorama Review found Jamorama to be a very comprehensive guitar course for beginners.  In terms of content you will find:

  • Over 250 pages of detailed Jamorama step-by-step lessons
  • 216 Jamorama Chord Shapes
  • Nearly 150 Jamorama Video Lessons
  • 8 Major Music Styles- Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk,Country,Metal,Hip Hop and Reggae
  • 55 Unique Strumming Patters
  • 26 Professionally Recorded Jamorama Jamtracks
  • Jamorama Ear Training
  • Jamorama Sight Reading
  • Jamorama Tuner Software!
  • Jamorama Metronome
  • Jamorama Chord Kit

In terms of quantity of content Jamorama Review gives this course an A+.  There is content here that even experienced professionals can learn from. This course can take you from beginner to a very advanced level.

Jamorama Review also noted that the quality of the course material is excellent.  Jamorama course materials comes from teachers who have worked with many famous musicians including Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Taj Mahal and others.

Jamorama Review – What We Like

Jamorama Review really likes that Jamorama is a complete non-subscription learn to play guitar course.  You don’t have to pay ongoing monthly fees. This is a one-time purchase and you get all the materials and instruction listed above.  You get several years worth of the highest quality guitar instruction you can find anywhere in written and video forms.  Jamorama Review also likes the balance of all the different styles. Many guitar instruction courses are heavily skewed to one style of play at the expense of others. Jamorama Review likes that this course has something for everyone.  So even if you are mostly a metal kind of guy you can still learn something from the Jazz, Blues or other styles of play.

It not really that important but Jamorama Review also loves that you get a metronome and tuner software.  These are nice little added features that just put Jamorama over the top as the only real complete guitar training course. You really won’t need anything else except the time to practice.

Jamorama Review – What We Didn’t Like

With quality instruction like this it is challenging to come up with something negative.  But Jamorama Review does think that the quantity of material could be overwhelming for some beginners who don’t have the discipline to follow the course as its laid out.  If you did start to jump all over the place because you do have access to all this material it could slow down your overall process.  Having said that the course is extremely well laid out so you should just follow it. And if you do want to skip to something else it is nice that you can.

Jamorama Review – Overall Thoughts


Jamorama Review-Learn To Play Guitar

Jamorama Review Says Jamorama Is The Easiest Way To Learn To Play Guitar

Jamorama Review knows that everyone comes to this course with a different background.  Some people really have never picked up a guitar before, others have a little experience and still others have a lot of self-taught experience.  No matter what your background Jamorama has guitar training for you.  Also you may be a country guy or a hip hop guy and think that this isn’t for you.  But that would be a mistake.  Jamorama has experts from all of those backgrounds creating the guitar course content so that you really can learn any style you’d like.  The fact that they teach over 55 strumming patters alone is proof of that. Jamorama is an incredible value for someone wanting to learn to play the guitar.  Jamorama Review believes you would spend thousands of dollars in private lessons to get the training included in Jamorama.

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