Piano For All Review – Can Piano For All Really Teach You To Play Piano?

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 This is our Piano For All Review.  If you’re looking for the official Piano For All site, click the link below:

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Here is a video that shows some of the things you can learn with Piano For All.

Piano For All – What It’s About

Piano For All is as its name suggests a complete piano course for all types of people and musical styles.  The course is designed so that you can teach yourself piano in the manner that other great self-taught piano players learned.

The course consists of a series of 10 e-books, 500 audio files and 200 videos.  The Piano For All course lays out a foundation that can be used in any musical style you want to pursue. Once you learn the foundation you can go in any direction you like.

 Piano For All covers a variety of musical styles including:

  • Party Time- Rhythm Style Piano
  • Blues and Rock n Roll
  • Chord Magic
  • Advanced Chords
  • Ballad Style
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy
  • Advanced Blues
  • Speed Learning
  • Taming The Classics

Piano For All is a Step-by-Step course.  Every exercise leads into the next.  This progressive course lets you constantly move ahead without making you feel like you are lost or can’t do the next thing.

Another feature of Piano For All is that is uses Keyboard diagrams, Musical Notation, Audio and Video so that you learn by Visual Association.  The idea is that you learn the music first and then see what it looks like in notation.

Piano For All – What We Like

What we like the most about Piano For All is easy.  This is a FUN course.  The combination of listening to the music and watching it being performed make the whole process easy and fun.  You start out making music right away and not worrying about how to read the music.

Piano For All gives you plenty of material to follow but it also encourages having fun and some freedom in trying things yourself.  We also liked that it did not try to teach you by learning a bunch of old songs.  We really liked Chord Magic and Advanced Chords because that seemed to fit our style.

Piano For All – What We Didn’t Like

One of the nice things about Piano For All is that it covers so many different styles.  But as a newbie trying to teach yourself piano this can feel like a little too much.  If you know what style you like and want to play then you know what to focus on after the foundation work is done.  Ultimately you may want to learn all these styles anyway but that certainly isn’t necessary to have fun playing the piano.

Piano For All – Overall Thoughts

We can recommend Piano For All to anyone who wants to learn the piano or teach yourself piano.  It is both the most in-depth and fun Piano teaching program we’ve seen.  It is very simple. The audio-visual-reading technique is truly unique and effective in helping you learn to sound like a professional piano player in as little as a few days. With the guarantees they offer there is no reason not to try Piano For All if you want to teach yourself piano.

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