Train Your Voice And Have Fun

If you are a singer or you are desirous of becoming a better singer, you must train your voice. You should strive to have the kind of singing voice that you do not have to strain while you are singing. When people listen to a singer they enjoy the natural sound that they experience from a good singer. A good singer has control and can move from the sensitive, soft parts of a song to the more powerful, dramatic portions. You can train your voice to achieve the same control.

Train Your Voice And Have Fun

Train Your Voice And Have Fun

Train Your Voice With Visualization

Singing is just like talking, only in a different manner. Singing can be learned and proper techniques to train your voice is a big part of that. When Frank Sinatra was giving advice to a young singer named Doris Day, he advised her to bring it from back here, pointing to his derriere. He was making an example that proper breathing while singing will emanate from the abdomen.  These kinds of visuals can help you train your voice by keeping things light but also impactful.

Train Your Voice For Range

As a young singer you should train your voice and not get discouraged by set backs, but seek your natural voice. Train your voice by locating your range. You can do this by singing a La at the lowest note that you can hit, then a La at the highest note you can hit. This defines your current range. Now you can practice moving from the lowest note to the highest with some las. Try to do this in a normal, conversational la. Don’t strain, just a normal voice. Stretch out the la a little bit and hold the note a bit. If you can do this and know you are doing it, you are practicing control. This simple technique is a great way to train your voice.

That is a lot of words for a simple exercise, but control is important. Be sure when you sing to get your air from deep down and push it out from the diaphragm. The lowest note in the previous exercise and the highest note will probably be pretty weak and pathetic. Train your voice by practicing the exercise until these two notes become stronger.

Train Your Voice By Exercising

The vocal chords are muscles, and like any other muscle in the body, they can be strengthened and made to perform better. This is what exercising to train your voice is all about. You want your vocal chords to be healthy and strong and have endurance. When your vocal chords are in shape, your voice will be healthy and strong and you will not need to sing loudly in order to be heard. Your natural voice will come ringing through.

There are hundreds of exercises that can be used to train your voice. One that is fun is the “Mommy made me mash my m & m’s” exercise. Sing this whole silly verse at each level of a scale. Substitute the Mommy made me mash exercise for the do, re, mi, etc. The mommy exercise helps you train your voice through diction and word formation that you need to sing clearly so you can be understood.

Train Your Voice By Singing!

This might seem obvious but the best exercise to train your voice is to sing! Sing a lot and with the right techniques. YouTube is a great resource now that we have it, and has endless songs from any artist that ever was recorded. That is a wonderful place to sing along and learn singing by imitating different artists.

Singing is a cumulative experience and you will not necessarily be a great singer next week, but you can train your voice to have better skills next week than you have now. Singing is a fun experience whether you are an amateur singer or you take it further than that. The important thing is to keep on singing and enjoy it.

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